How To - Scheduling PostgreSQL backups from NetBackup

To backup PostgreSQL database using the backup script

  1. Authenticate the password in the PostgreSQL environment.
  2. Download the sample script and copy it to a preferred chosen location.
  3. Rename the script pgsql_backup_script.txt to pgsql_backup.
  4. Modify the path according to the environment.
  5. In NetBackup Administration Console, create an automatic full backup schedule in the Policy>Schedule>Attributes tab.
  6. Under the Backup Selections tab, provide the path to the modified script as the backup selection.
  7. Under the Client tab, specify the MySQL server.
  8. Specify the parameters for the backup operation in the nbpgsql.conf file.
  9. Run the backup using the NetBackup Administration Console.
If you continue to experience difficulties removing the client please open a case with the DLT Opscenter using the following contact information:

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