Known Issue - NetBackup Legacy Client Service fails to start


The NetBackup Legacy Client Service (bpinetd.exe) fails to start.

If starting the service from services.msc applet, the on-screen error is 1503.

Because the NetBackup Legacy Client Service is unable to start, other NetBackup services dependent upon that service also fail to start.

Dependent Services
- NetBackup Client Service
- NetBackup Database Manager
- NetBackup Device Manager
- NetBackup Request Daemon
- NetBackup Volume Manager



This issue was discovered to be caused by an application called "McAfee Solidifier".

McAfee Solidifier is an application designed to allow only "Authorized Code" to run on a host. Any applications and processes not explicitly allowed by McAfee Solidifier, will fail to run.

Normally an Application Event log message like the following would be associated with McAfee Solidifier process suppression:
Tue May 15 2018 20:28:10 McAfee Solidifier E20 McAfee Solidifier prevented an attempt to modify file 'C:\SomeData\MyFile' by process/script C:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\bpbkar32.exe <removed for clarity>

But in this case, no such message was found for bpinetd.exe.



Removing/Uninstalling the McAfee Solidifier application allowed the NetBackup Legacy Client Service to start and run normally because the bpinetd.exe process no longer produced an application fault on startup.

Alternately, work with the McAfee Solidifier administrator to whitelist all NetBackup processes including bpinetd.exe.


If you continue to experience difficulties removing the client please open a case with the DLT Opscenter using the following contact information:

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