How to delete an archive from Enterprise Vault


An archive can be deleted, provided that the Enterprise Vault (EV) Administration Console shows a status of Available or Closed.


Ensure there are full current backups before deleting any archives.

Be very careful to select the correct archive and be very certain that it is the archive to be deleted.
Once deleted the only way to restore it is from a full Disaster Recovery.
Note: Be careful when deleting an archive that still has an associated mailbox. There will be many errors from the Exchange Mailbox task when it tries to archive to a deleted archive. Make a note of those users who have access to the archive and then get them to change their archiving settings, so that they do not try to archive being deleted. Use the Permissions tab on the archive's property page to find out who has access to the archive.
In additional to the manual method below a new PowerShell cmdlet Remove-EVArchive is available as of EV 12.3. 

In the Vault Administration Console ( VAC):
1. Expand the Policies | Retention Categories.
2. Select the Retention Category associated with the Archive, right-click and select Properties.
3. Verify the following options are not checked - 
  • Prevent deletion of archived items in this category
  • Prevent automatic deletion of expired items with this category
  • Prevent user deletion of items with this category
Note: If these options are checked, the archive will remain in marked for deletion and will not delete.

4. Expand the Archives container

5. Click on the container the archive is in to select it (i.e. Exchange Journal, Exchange Mailbox, Public Folder, etc.).
      (The right pane will populate with all of the archives in that container)

6. Locate the archive to be deleted

7. Right-click the archive and select Delete

 The archive status will change to Marked for deletion

 All of the contents stored in the archive will be deleted before the archive itself is deleted. This may take some time depending on the size and number of items in the archive

Note: Deleting the archive does not delete shortcuts in the associated mailbox. The now orphaned shortcuts will need to be deleted manually, as Orphaned Shortcut deletion requires an archive to properly function.
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