How to create billing alarms in DLT a Management account

OrgAdmin users in a DLT Management account can provision their own billing alarms in Cloudwatch using this article.  It is important to note that CloudWatch billing alarms only provide a rough estimate of current monthly spend. They do not represent actual spend at any given point in time and numbers may be skewed due to reserved instance usage and service credits/grants applied to any DLT member account.


Alarm Creation:

  1. Log into your DLT Management Account
  2. Navigate to Cloudwatch Console
  3. On the left hand side select "All Alarms", then select "Create Alarm"
  4. Under Step 1 "Specify metric and conditions" Select "Select Metric" and choose, Billing>Total Estimated Charges>Estimated Charges
    1. mceclip0.png
  5. Under the Conditions section select the Greater/equal radio button and input the dollar amount you wish establish as the threshold.
    1. mceclip1.png
  6. Click next and continue to "Configure Actions".
  7.  Keep "In Alarm" Selected.  Under Select an SNS topic either use an sns topic that was previously created or create a new SNS topic.
    1. If creating new topic be sure to create a unique topic name (this name cannot be changed later) and include all email recipients in the "Email endpoints that will receive the notification…"  section
    2. Be sure to select the "Create Topic" button
  8. Once your SNS topic is configured proceed to the next page
  9. One the next page Name the alarm (this Name will also be included in the subject line of any email alerts, so make this descriptive. 
    1. Example = "##AWSACCOUNTNUMBER## > ##DollarAmount##"
  10. Select Next, then Create Alarm
  11. Be sure that all SNS Topic endpoints confirm their subscription to the topic within 72hours.  Otherwise after 72 hours all non-subscribed email addresses will NOT receive the billing alarm if it is triggered.
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