DLT Process for AWS Customer Credits

All AWS Credits are processed within the month it has been activated within the AWS Console. Once Credit is activated, it will be processed the following month. This occurs when Utilization is processed for the billing period credit was activated. Full Credit will be recognized and Credit memo issued will be applied to Monthly Utilization invoices as billings are generated. An Email with Invoice to show Monthly Utilization will be submitted to end user showing balance of Credit to be used for future Utilization:  


Email example: 

Dear Customer, 

Attached is your AWS utilization for January 2019.  This has been paid for by your credit balance, and $900.00  remains for future use. 

Prior Balance of Credit                            $1,000.00 

MONTH 2019 Utilization SI##:               -$100.00 

Balance of Funds:                                    $900.00 


NOTE: Credits Memos can be assigned to the Customer PO# (DLT Project #) or the Linked account depending on Customer Preference.  

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