DLT Process for AWS Customer Credits

All Promo Credits, including credits associated with the Data Egress Fee Waiver (DEFW) are processed within the month it has been redeemed by DLT within the AWS Console. Once credit is activated it will be processed the following month when utilization is processed for the specific member account (“LA”) credit was issued for.  Note: As a policy billing terms are 30 Days in arrears of utilization due to AWS invoice/credit processing timelines.

AWS Internal Process:

AWS will apply the credit to the current invoice for utilization that credit was redeemed, for example if there are 100 member accounts in a payer and the credit was issued for member account ending in -1234, and the credit is for $1000.00 and utilization for LA ending in -1234 is only $100.00, AWS will apply the remaining balance of the credit arbitrarily to other member accounts within the payer.

DLT Internal Process:

DLT will issue a separate credit memo in our financial system to the appropriate member account ending in -1234. The balance of this credit memo will remain open for the customer to utilize against LA ending in -1234 on a monthly basis.  The balance of the credit memo will remain open to applied on a monthly basis as billings are generated by DLT.


How the Credit will be reflected to the customer:


Example for Invoice with Single member Account

The Invoice will have the utilization for member account ending -1234 and the credit will be applied and reflected on the face of invoice so that there is a zero balance to be paid. The body of the email will show the balance of Promo Credit to be used on an ongoing monthly basis (e.g. below).

Example for Invoice with multiple member Accounts

If there are multiple member accounts on the Invoice, the credit will be applied and reflected in the body of the invoice for only member account ending -1234, this will reduce the balance of invoice by the credit applied.  The invoice submission email will show the balance of Promo Credit to be used on an ongoing monthly basis for the Specific member Account ending -1234.


Email example: 

Dear Customer, 

Attached is your AWS utilization for January 2019.  This has been paid for by your credit balance, and $900.00  remains for future use. 

Prior Balance of Credit                            $1,000.00 

MONTH 2019 Utilization SI##:               -$100.00 

Balance of Funds:                                    $900.00 


NOTE: Credits Memos will be processed assigned the Customer PO# that the member account ending in -1234 is assigned to at the time of processing.

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