DLO - Known Issues - "Task Scheuler is not running" occurs upon running DLO backups


 "The Windows Task Scheduler is not running" occurs when attempting to run DLO backups.”  


Message “The Windows task scheduler is not running. Start task scheduler and click retry, continue, or cancel without scheduling a job.” Occurs consistently on two occasions, (1) when attempting to run DLO (Desktop and Laptop option) backups or (2) each time Windows launches.



  Disable UAC

  • On a Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or a Windows 7 client, Tasks that require administrator privileges will trigger a UAC prompt if enabled. Running Task Scheduler requires elevated permissions. If UAC is enabled, configure UAC to prompt for elevation and run the task as administrator. Or run MSCONFIG and disable UAC per the following steps:


  1. Launch MSCONFIG from Run menu
  2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down to "Disable UAC". Click on that line.
  3. Press the Launch button. A CMD window will open. When the command is done, close the window.
  4. Close MSCONFIG. Reboot the computer for the changes to apply.


UAC can be re-enabled by selecting the “Enable UAC” line and then clicking on the Launch button


If you continue to experience difficulties please open a case with the DLT Opscenter using the following contact information:


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