VPC - How To - Create secure connection between office and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud


Follow these steps to configure an AWS hardware VPN:

  1. Create a customer gateway
    1. Open the Amazon VPC console.
    2. In the navigation pane, under VPN Connections, choose Customer Gateways.
    3. Choose Create Customer Gateway.
      • Enter a meaningful name for the customer gateway.
      • Choose an option for Static or Dynamic routing.
      • Enter the public IP address of your customer gateway device.
      • Enter your BGP ASN if you selected the option for dynamic routing.


  1. Choose Yes, Create.


  1. Create a virtual private gateway
    1. In the VPC console, under VPN Connections, choose Virtual Private Gateways.
    2. Choose Create Virtual Private Gateway.
    3. Enter a meaningful name for the virtual private gateway.
    4. Choose Yes, Create.
    5. Select the new virtual private gateway and open the context (right-click) menu, and then choose Attach to VPC.


  1. Create a VPN connection
    1. In the VPC console, under VPN Connections, choose VPN Connections.
    2. Select Create VPN Connection.
      • Enter a meaningful name for the VPN connection.
      • For Virtual Private Gateway, choose the virtual private gateway you just created.
      • For Customer Gateway, choose the customer gateway you just created.
      • For Routing Options, choose Dynamic or Static. If you choose static routing, specify the Static IP Prefixes of the appropriate private network(s) on your office LAN.
      • Choose Yes, Create.


  1. Get the VPN connection configuration and configure your customer gateway


  1. In the VPC console, under VPN Connections, choose VPN Connections.
  2. Select the VPN connection you created, and then choose Download Configuration.
  3. In the Download Configuration dialog box, choose the vendor for the customer gateway, the platform, and the software version, and then choose Yes, Download.
  4. Save the text file that contains the VPN configuration and give it to your office network administrator, along with the Amazon VPC Network Administrator Guide. The VPN won't work until the network administrator configures the customer gateway.


If you continue to experience difficulties, please open a case with the DLT Opscenter using the following contact information:


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