RDS - How To - Restore an RDS Instance from a DB snapshot


 You can restore data from manual and automatic database snapshots. To restore data from a database snapshot using the Amazon RDS Console, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon RDS console
  2. In the navigation tab, choose Snapshots
  3. Choose the DB snapshot you wish to restore from
  4. From the Actions drop-down, choose Restore Snapshot
  5. On the Restore DB Instance page, in the DB instance identifier field, type the name for your restored DB instance.
  6. Choose Restore DB Instance
  7. If you want to restore the functionality of the DB instance to that of the DB instance that the snapshot was created from, you must modify the DB instance to use the security group. The next steps assume that your DB instance is in a VPC. If your DB instance is not in a VPC, use the EC2 Management Console to locate the security group you need for the DB instance.
    1. Sign into the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon VPC Console
    2. In the navigation pane, choose Security Groups
    3. Select the security group that you want to use for your DB instances. If necessary, add rules to link the security group to a security group for an EC2 instance. For more information, see A DB Instance in a VPC Accessed by an EC2 Instance in the Same VPC



If you continue to experience difficulties, please open a case with the DLT Opscenter using the following contact information:


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