How do I create CloudWatch Billing Alarms?

CloudWatch is a tool used in a variety of ways to monitor one's AWS environment.  In this article we will be discussing how CloudWatch can be used to monitor the monthly cost of AWS.

Under a traditional billing format, where the customer is billed directly, all alarms are created by the user's themselves.  However, if you are reading this article you are more than likely under one of DLT's Payer Account's utilizing Consolidated Billing.  In short, that means DLT is charged for your AWS spend and we bill you appropriately.  With that being said your usage data is found in DLT's Payer Account therefor we have have to set up any Billing related alarms on your behalf within our account.

If you recently accepted a Consolidated Billing Request for an account not created by DLT any billing alarms that were created prior to the transfer will be invalid and will need to be re-created by DLT in the respective payer account. To process such requests you can click on the "Submit a Request" button at the type right of the DLT Support Center homepage, OR send an email with the following information.  

- Account Number:

- Alarm Threshold (monthly dollar amount that will trigger the notification): 

- Contact Name: 

- List of email addresses the alarms should be sent to: 

After we create the alarm any email addresses outlined in the list above will have 72 hours to accept the SNS subscription for email notifications.  Failure to accept the subscription will invalidate the alarm for that email address and that email will NOT receive alarms.

Note: CloudWatch billing alarms only provide a rough estimate of current monthly spend. They do not represent actual spend at any given point in time and numbers may be skewed due to reserved instance usage and service credits/grants applied to any DLT member account.


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